About Us

On May 1, 2022 the SECFS Prevention Unit participated in a naming ceremony conducted by Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Elder, Glenda Smith. The name that was given to the Prevention Unit is Rising Thunderbirds. In consultation with several language speakers from the Southeast communities, the translation for this name is Kaa'ombiiwaat Binesiwak.

The Kaa'ombiiwaat Binesiwak Unit provides services that focus on family preservation, reunification, and prevention of child welfare contact. The Unit offers programming available for the children, youth, young adults, and parent including encompasses education, healing, cultural connection, family connection, and the development of social connections as a means to promote their healing and wellness. Much of the programs offered have been determined by participants' feedback and requests for services.

Our Services

Weekly Programming

Youth and families have access to cultural based programs almost every evening of the week. Programs are offered both virtually and in-person at Southeast offices located at 470 Notre Dame Ave. Community residents are able to participate in city-based programming remotely. Tablets are made available to those who don't have the technological resources at home. Some of our programs include:


When youth or families express interest in attending or learning more about traditional ceremonies it is our duty to ensure they have that opportunity. We incorporate teachings and ceremony into most programs and events that we offer. Ceremonies that our clients have attended and participated include:

  • Cedar Bath
  • Fasting
  • Rites of Passage
  • Shake tent
  • Sundance
  • Sweat lodges
  • Naming and pipe ceremonies

Seasonal Retreats

At the beginning of each seasonal solstice, we offer cultural and land-based camps for female and male youth. The camps are held out of the city to help promote their cultural connections with the land. Some activities offered at camps are:

  • Canoeing and paddling
  • Hiking
  • Leadership development
  • Medicine picking
  • Positive relationship building
  • Wilderness survival training


  • Acting Director of Prevention - Jackie Anderson
  • Prevention Reporting Coordinator - Roxanne Hamilton
  • Prevention Reporting Worker - Cheyenne Beaudry
  • Prevention Reporting Worker - Shania Thordarson

Highlights and Activities

Waterways Canoe Camps

Early in 2020, the Agency purchased 88 canoes: 10 for each Southeast community and 8 for the Prevention Unit. Paddling is a great recreational and cultural activity and the Agency wanted to ensure that youth and families were trained adequately in water safety and canoe operation. We met with the Manitoba Paddling Association who linked us with Waterways Inc. a non-profit organization with paddling instructors, all of whom are accomplished world-class athletes. Over the course of the summer, Waterways attended to each of our Southeast communities and provided two camps two camps in Winnipeg.

Land Based Healing

The Kaa'ombiiwaat Binesiwak Unit offer Land-Based Therapy for the families, youth and children to offers activities such as harvesting wild game, fish, grandfathers, wood, and medicines. Within each harvest, the Land-Based therapist offers youth and families the knowledge of when to harvest what based on season.

Prevention Therapeutic Services

Like many other agencies, SECFS had been utilizing the services of Action Therapists which was developed by Mitch Bourbonniere, who is highly regarded in the Indigenous and social welfare communities. The Unit oversees over 50 contracted individuals who work closely with our youth and families in providing preventative therapeutic care. Unifying in this manner has allowed for greater access to resources and support for our children and families.

Vicarious Trauma Training

As a result of the work that the Direct Service Workers in the Agency engage, they are often exposed to traumatic stories and experiences from and with our clients. To support staff well-being and prevent vicarious trauma (aka compassion fatigue or burnout), the Unit held a half-day virtual session each month for staff. This training was also provided to our collaterals in Shawneim Abinoojii and Inaadiziwin.

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