Bloodvein River First Nation is accessible by gravel road and is located approximately 210 kilometers North of Winnipeg on the East shore of Lake Winnipeg.


Bloodvein First Nation has a large on-reserve population of 1,176 and an off-reserve population of 742, with a total of 1,198 members.

Chief and CFS Portfolio Councillor

Chief is Roland Hamilton and CFS Portfolio Councillor is Ellen Young.

Bloodvein River First Nation

Bloodvein River First Nation infrastructure includes the Band Office Bloodvein Health Centre/Nursing Station Jordan's Principle Program Water Treatment Plant and Sanitation; Mikisi Towing; Keller & Sons Grocery Store; LBC Smoke Shop; Anishinaabe Coffee Shop; Bloodvein River Lodge; RCMP Detachment; SECFS office; and, Shawenim Abinoojii homes.

The Miskooseepi School which provides nursery to grade 9 and is operated by the Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre school system. When children complete grade 9 at the local level, transition begins to attend high school located outside the community usually in Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Brandon. Children leaving their community to attend high school often have difficulties in adjusting to their new environment and often experience culture shock. Southeast Student Services provides direct financial assistance (sponsorship), transition (relocation), social support, counseling for students entering regular high school and vocational programs; university/college entrance programs and university/professional training programs; as well as a variety of clerical and technical programs.


  • Acting Director of Services: - Anetta Russo
  • City Supervisors - Natascha Enzlberger
  • Direct Service Workers - Cindy Young, Olivia Langan, Madelaine Keeper, Chantal Lamb, Joshua Gatta, Jill Lauze, Tanis Guimond, Julia Mann, Christina Farina, Delphine McKay, Lorraine Baldwin, Kel Sherman, Crystal Boulette, Letitia Kipling, Stephanie Rechik, Charlene Nepinak
  • Administrative Assistants - Sarah Flett, Barb Tomasi, Jade Parisian
  • Community Supervisor - Frank Young
  • Family Enhancement - (vacant)

The Bloodvein Unit has one community-based and two city units due to its large off-reserve caseload. The units work in conjunction with one another to provide services to Bloodvein members living both on- and off-reserve.

Highlights and Activities

  • SECFS participated in city and community resource meetings and provided regular updates for the health and safety of all Bloodvein members.
  • The city and community units participated in a joint unit case review in March 2020. The teams improved communication and working relations which has provided better planning for the children and families of Bloodvein First Nation.
  • The Bloodvein Unit partnered with the Chief and Council in a number of initiatives this year including the following:
  • Healthy Home Environment Program (helped 5 families)
  • Healthy Baby Program (provides formula, diapers, and bottles)
  • Community Food Bank
  • Laptops provided to children in care and protection family children for online schooling, support services, and for family contact
  • Personal Protective Equipment packages
  • Food POs, ordering and deliveries (as needed)
  • Community Church Service
  • Community Clean Up
  • Confluence Counselling Services
  • Stepping out Saturdays (S.O.S.) Momenta Program
  • Addiction Support Group
  • Funeral Donations
  • Halloween
  • Christmas - community turkeys, children in care, protection family, and foster family gifts
  • Participated in the Pandemic Community Working Group
  • Indigo Love of Reading Foundation (books were donated to families during COVID-19)
  • Waterways Canoe Camp
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