Frank Abraham holds the dual role as the Community Operations Manager and Community Development Liaison. This department is responsible for assessing community office, program, and staff needs, purchasing, monitoring inventory, and ordering supplies.


  • Community Operations Manager - Frank Abraham
  • Community Operations Assistant - Loretta Desjarlais
  • Maintenance (BON HQ) - Ginew Kent
  • Janitor - Nathen Spence

This year saw the Reunification Homes for seven of the communities requiring Frank to be the liaison for some oversight to the building of the homes, ordering of furniture and supplies for the homes. The community offices and staff accommodations furniture, appliance, and supply needs were taken care of. All SECFS offices that had extensions completed are now fully functional.

The advance ordering for the remote communities, Poplar River, Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids First Nations, requires preparation and planning to ensure the supplies, vehicles, furniture, equipment, are ordered with sufficient time to organize the delivery within the short winter road period. As a result of COVID-19, there are still supply shortages of boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and some vehicles, making this task even more challenging.

In early 2022, over 250 bicycles along with summer supplies were delivered on the winter road. We have noticed that the winter roads season is getting shorter each year, and this requires us to plan well in advance, most times prior to the seasonal store stock exchange, to ensure our orders arrive in time.

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