Poplar River is the northernmost First Nation of the Southeast communities and is located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. This remote community is situated on the mouth of the Poplar River and is in the heart of Manitoba's Boreal Forest and has no permanent road access. The main method of transportation is by plane; however, boats may be used in the summer, and the winter road is open for a short period of time.


Poplar River has an on-reserve population of 1,275 members and 579 off-reserve band members for a total population of 1,854.

Poplar River First Nation Chief and CFS Councillor

Chief is Vera Mitchell and the CFS Portfolio Councillor is Tanya Bittern.

Poplar River First Nation

Poplar River First Nation is a community strong with its cultural traditions and has a rich historical background. Community members enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year-round with land-based activities and camping facilities at Weaver Lake.

The community has a large population with a progressive infrastructure that employs its community members.

Poplar River First Nation controls its own school which serves students from kindergarten to grade 9. Students in grades 10 to 12 are currently required to attend school outside the community, but Poplar River will have a new school built in the near future that will serve the students to grade 12.

The Poplar River community team provides service for the Poplar River children and have provided services for children from other communities who are placed in the Shawenim Abinoojii homes or the Poplar River group home. This significantly increased the number of children in care reported for the community statistics. The community opens its placements for the non-member children because they appreciate children fare better being placed in the community where they can maintain their cultural heritage, language, and a connection to the land.


  • Director of Services - Glory Lister
  • Community Supervisor - Sherri Hudson
  • Direct Service Workers - Chelsea Little, Renee Larocque, Kaela Lavallee
  • Intake Worker - Loretta Spencer
  • Prevention Worker/Family Enhancement - Betty Sainnawap
  • City Supervisor - Sheryn Seunath
  • Direct Service Workers - Brooke Evans, Krystal Obierk, Colin Smart, Lara Coppola
  • Service Assistant - Jamaal Gadsby
  • Practicum Student - Allison Ryznar
  • Administrative Assistant - Tessa Inglis

Highlights and Activities

  • Treaty Day Event - Organized the children's events and bought prizes for each age group.
  • Held a family barbeque at the Treaty Day event.
  • Assisted the Waterways Canoe instructors with delivering safe canoeing lessons.
  • The Family Prevention Camp took a family of 6 to live off the land for number of days.
  • Teachings about medicine and herbs were provided to our clients and families who were taken for nature walks.
  • Family picnics and wiener roasts were held with families to minimize their isolation.
  • Airfares and accommodations were provided to support people in emergency situations.
  • Contributed to the community food bank which fed more than 60 families per month.
  • Contributed to the costs for the Arena Recreation Workers.
  • Agency Pantry was supplied with dry goods, meat, formula, and diapers for emergency requests.
  • Purchased and delivered Arts and Crafts packages to families.
  • Contributed to the Justin Bruce Memorial Hockey Tournament.
  • Contributed to the Fishing Derby prizes.
  • Partnered to provide the Empowering Young Mothers During Pregnancy.
  • Peer Pressure Program and working with individuals with suicidal ideation.
  • Provided costs for support workers to assist families to maintain children in their own homes.
  • Prevention Worker taught young teenagers and parents how to cook.
  • Prevention Worker helped organized and clean up some homes when needed and cared for children while the parent went to shop at the store.
  • Ordered and delivered reading packages for children in care.
  • Youth Buffalo Rider's 10-week program was reduced to 7 weeks due to COVID-19.
  • Created a virtual Mother's and Father's Day event for community members with live and online draws.
  • Halloween and virtual Halloween contests that included a pumpkin carving contest.
  • Partnered with the school to contribute to Halloween activities and give candy.
  • Furniture was distributed to families and the Reunification Home.
  • Christmas Virtual Contest was held.
  • Donated turkeys, hams, and ground beef to community members.
  • Contributed to sporting activities and events for children and youth in the community.
  • Donated to the children's outdoor camping excursion with the Group Home.
  • Donated to the Youth Gathering and Youth Symposium.
  • Donated to the NADDAP Sobriety group.
  • The city unit has been focusing with connecting children with their families, extended families, or communities.
  • The workers are building their skills with finding family and community connections for children in need of placement.
  • Regularly utilizing the First Nations Family Advocacy Office and Ma Mawi's Family Group Conferencing to help family reunifications.
  • Case Aide helps supports the Direct Service Workers and the Poplar River families with shopping or escorting children to the community when needed.
  • Maintaining regular contact with families and children using virtual means (and in person as needed) and encouraging clients to access the Agency's virtual programming.
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