The Alternative Care Unit underwent restructuring to streamline the services provided to our communities. Previously the Alternative Care Department worked as a collective, with each worker managing foster/kinship homes that included children from all of the Southeast communities. The restructuring of the Alternative Care Unit now results in workers being assigned to one of the eight Southeast communities, with their physical office locations being situated with the Direct Service Unit for the community in which they are assigned to. The primary goal of the Alternative Care Unit is to work together with the Direct Service Workers in benefitting our children and youth in care in finding family placements, and this restructuring was designed to streamline those services.

The Unit is responsible for finding appropriate placement options, meaning family first, for the Agency's children in care; assess potential caregivers; issue foster home licenses; review foster homes on an annual basis; ensure foster care standards and regulations are adhered to; and, to provide support to the caregivers/foster parents.

The Alternative Care staff work out of the 1410 Mountain Avenue, Brokenhead, and Berens River community offices. We serve the eight Southeast First Nations and the off-reserve homes. Currently, there are 470 licensed foster homes, 92 licensed kinship homes and 92 places of safety homes.


  • Director - Jaime Chartrand
  • Supervisor - Vanessa Johnson
  • Supervisor - Wanda Joe

The supervisory duties include ensuring workers are licensing foster homes correctly; the recruitment of culturally appropriate foster homes and kinship homes; and dealing with any conflicts or concerns brought forward regarding a foster home and/or foster parents (caregivers).

  • Administrative Assistant/Worker - Hazel Roulette
  • Administrative Assistant - Trevor Harper

The Alternative Care Workers conduct home studies, home reviews, and follow up on any concerns regarding a home or foster parent. The Worker may also attend the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sessions. The following Workers are assigned to the respective areas:

  • City Workers:
  • Intake - Amanda Schubert
  • Berens River - Beverly Thomas and Brynn Rosjer-Doyle
  • Black River, Brokenhead, Hollow Water - Lael Proppe
  • Bloodvein - Brandi Blackbird and Lily Creeley
  • Little Grand Rapids - Lindsey Nobess
  • Pauingassi - Hazel Roulette
  • Poplar River - Nicole Strocen
  • Shawenim Homes - Stacy Moore
  • Community Workers:
  • Berens River, Bloodvein - Laverne Everett
  • Black River, Brokenhead, Hollow Water - Prairie Hapa
  • Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, Poplar River - (vacant)

Highlights and Activities

  • Restructuring of the Alterative Care Unit
  • Regular staff meetings to address any concerns or issues regarding foster parents (caregivers) or foster homes
  • Christmas presents ordered for all foster parents and on- and off-reserve children in care

Goals for Next Year

  • To provide orientation and cultural training sessions to new foster parents
  • Develop new orientation and cultural training video guided by Bill C-92
  • More active recruitment of kinship homes
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