The Alternative Care Unit provides on- and off-reserve services relating to the recruitment, licensing, and supporting the caregivers to our children in care. SECFS is also the licensing agency for the Shawenim Abinoojii Inc. placement homes.


While the Agency prioritizes family-based placements, there continues to be the need to seek community and culturally appropriate emergency, temporary, short and long term, and specialized placements to meet the needs of children and youth in care.

The Alternative Care Unit staff have gone to the Berens River, Bloodvein, Brokenhead, and Black River communities during their treaty days, to Hollow Water during their pig roast, and set up a booth at the Manito Ahbee Festival to host recruitment booths. Additionally, radio advertisements on NCI have also been a mechanism to reach out to potential Indigenous caregivers.

The Alternative Care Unit staff will continue to work with the front-line staff and communities to have our children placed with family and community caregivers. Our increased number of family placements reflects the Agency's commitment to placing children with family and community caregivers. We are currently working on redesigning the recruitment material to be geared toward increasing the number of family and community caregivers rather than general placements. With the new Alt. Care Worker hired for the Pauingassi, Poplar River, and Little Grand Rapids communities, we will increase recruitment efforts in these communities.


  • Director - Jaime Chartrand
  • Supervisor - Wanda Joe
  • Supervisor - Brynn Rosjer-Doyle

The supervisory duties include ensuring workers are licensing foster homes correctly; the recruitment of culturally appropriate foster homes and kinship homes; and dealing with any conflicts or concerns brought forward regarding a foster home and/or foster parents (caregivers).

  • Administrative Assistant - My Spence
  • Administrative Assistant - Trevor Harper
  • Prior Contact Specialist - Stephen Bear
  • Intake - Cara Grapentine

The Alternative Care Workers conduct home studies, home reviews, and follow up on any concerns regarding a home or foster parent. The Worker may also attend the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sessions. The following Workers are assigned to the respective areas:

City Workers:

  • Berens River - Amber Catellier, Daniela Chevasco
  • Black River, Hollow Water - Rafael Leal
  • Bloodvein - Amber Gareau, Darin Yee
  • Little Grand Rapids - Lindsey Nobess
  • Poplar River - Kaylee Funk


Community Workers:

  • Berens River, Bloodvein - Laverne Everett
  • Little Grand Rapids, Poplar River - Beverly Thomas


Placement Types #
Foster Homes 331
Specialized Homes 30
Places of Safety 148
Total 509


Caregiver Types #
Kinship/Cultural Appropriate Homes 226
Shawenim Homes 79
Other 305
Total 610

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