The Age of Majority (AOM) Unit provides services to youth and young adults (15-21 years) of age who reside off-reserve. The AOM Unit specializes in transitional planning including advocating for, promoting connections, and empowering our youth and young adults to be successfully independent.

The AOM workers help the youth and young adults access training, employment, housing, addictions and mental health services, life skills and healthy living programs, etc. The workers empower the youth and young adults to develop and guide their own case plans and make themselves available for emotional support during crises. The AOM workers also support the youth and young adults to have a connection with their families, community, and culture. This year, 20 young adults were successfully transitioned into long-term community resources.

The AOM staff has built positive working relationships with Kildonan Commons, Memengwaa, Inaadiziwin, PASS, Community Mental Health Services, Community Living Disability Services (CLDS), Jordan's Principle, Villa Rosa, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, etc. Several youth and young adults have been involved with the Agency's Prevention Unit programs to promote and maintain their cultural identity and to learn positive life skills.

Upcoming plans include the AOM Unit hosting a resource/employment job fair for our youth and young adults.


  • Director - Jaime Chartrand
  • Supervisor - Dennis Dare
  • Administrative Assistant - Trinity Moneyas
  • Service Assistant - Emmanuel Ameh
  • Direct Service Workers:
    • Reina Aviles
    • Tricia Garton
    • Ryan Heinrichs
    • Justin Lambert
    • Debra McLeod
    • Sheriane Ritchie
    • Matthew Zebrasky


The AOM Unit currently has 125 cases that include youth and young adults who are members from the eight Southeast First Nations. Of these cases, 41 are federally funded and 84 are provincially funded. The Unit anticipates accepting more AYAs (Agreements with Young Adults-provincially funded 18-21 years) due to the transferring of federally funded 18-25 years whose needs can be met by the new Post Majority Unit.

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