The Age of Majority (AOM) Unit is comprised of seven Direct Service Workers, an Administrative Assistant, Transitional Services Coordinator, Supervisor, and a Director of Services are located on the 4th Floor at the 360 Broadway office.

This specialized unit's main focus is providing transitional services to youth and young adults who are between the ages of 16 and 20 years old. The Unit receives referrals from the on- and off-reserve Direct Service Units. Caseloads are usually between 20 and 25 per worker which allows them more individual time with the youth and to offer them as many resources as possible for them to become successful young adults. The AOM Unit currently has 132 cases.

When transitioning youth out of care, it is important to assess their needs holistically, keeping in mind the cognitive functioning of the individuals, their life skills, supports, cultural needs and their individual strengths and weaknesses. This involves the completion of assessments to find the best possible resources for a client. Services considered include Independent Living or Community Assisted Living for Adults; programming needs; family and community connections; and supporting education and employment goals.


  • Director of Services - Kyle McClintock
  • Supervisor - Melanie Boulette
  • Administrative Assistant - Jenelyn Zaballero
  • Direct Service Workers:
    • Reina Aviles
    • Dennis Dare
    • Tricia Garton
    • Ryan Heinrichs
    • Debra McLeod
    • Matthew Zebrasky

Activities and Highlights

  • Successfully transitioned 34 youth out of care.
  • AOM staff attended workshops to increase their knowledge to provide better support and help the youth be successful when transitioning out of care. Workshops included: Preparing Youth for Successful Adulthood; Working with At Risk Youth; Bill C-92 Presentations; Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Supporting Healthy Choices for Youth with FASD; Vicarious Trauma; COVID-19 PPE Safety Training; and, a number of virtual programming opportunities were offered by the Agency.
  • Partnership with Knowles Centre Inc. The Supported Adolescent Independent Living (SAIL) continues to reserve 17 apartments for SECFS youth where they learn how to live independently to prevent future homelessness.
  • Partnership with Inaadiziwin which developed with the support of AOM. Inaadiziwin is an Indigenous Independent Living Program that focuses on delivering culturally appropriate services to the youth in the program. Youth are supported to develop life skills, receive employability training and experiences, and cultural programming. SECFS youth receive priority for the Inaadiziwin referrals and comprise of 95% of the youth in the program.
  • AOM has developed virtual Anishinaabemowin Language Classes and registered 34 participants.
  • Wolfpack Hockey Team is made up of youth (ages 16-21 yrs). The Team joined the Adult Safe Hockey League in May 2018 and continued until March 2020 when the pandemic forced the team and the league to end its season. Despite not being able to return to play, youth on the team continue to remain connected and work on their skills individually, eagerly awaiting their return to play as a team. Some of the youth had justice involvement prior to joining the team and, to date, none of the youth have had any further involvement with the justice system.
  • AOM has developed a relationship with True North Youth Foundation and has organized a donation drive to help children and youth in the communities receive hockey equipment including skates, helmets, shin pads, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, jerseys, and socks of various sizes.
  • Transitional Planning Training was developed in 2019 with the AOM Unit providing training for the other Agency units to receive information and training on how to develop transitional plans and connect with the appropriate resources for the youth's transition out of care. A video was made with Just TV to highlight the stories of some of the youth that have aged out of Agency care. This video profiled the youths' needs from their perspective in order to help Agency workers understand how to better support the youth.

Goals for Next Year

  • Assist in the reunification and repatriation of our youth to their families and communities.
  • Work with the communities to develop on-reserve land-based experiences for youth living off-reserve with the goal of supporting youth in developing a positive community and cultural identity.
  • Develop additional training for youth to improve their employability and overall life skills.
  • Participate in and/or host a career symposium for the youth to hand out résumés, network, and gain more information about the employment opportunities and services available to them in the communities they live.
  • Organize another art show for the youth so they can continue to have opportunities to sell their art, profit off their creations, and develop their sales skills and self-esteem.
  • Expand networking (both in-person and online) to provide further opportunities for youth receiving our support.
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