Hollow Water First Nation is located 190 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg and is situated within the Precambrian shield region. Hollow Water is accessible by an all-weather road with the nearest airport located in Bissett.


The on-reserve population is 1,600 and the off-reserve population is 500, for a combined total of 2,100 members.

Chief and CFS Portfolio Councillor

Chief is Larry Barker and the CFS Portfolio is Geoff Bushie.

Hollow Water First Nation

Hollow Water First Nation is a flourishing community with a strong infrastructure that has a Band Office; SECFS Office; Shawenim Abinoojii homes; Jordan's Principle Program; CHCH; Adam Hardisty Health Centre; Wanipigow Producer Co-op; Fishing Station; Grandpa George's Gas/Diesel Bar; Wy-Ky-Kan Housing Authority; Yvonne's Chip-stand; Legends Campground-Wayne Moneyas; Guardian Angel Day Care; Aboriginal Head-Start Program; Sanitation Service; VLT Centre; Water Treatment Plant; Ceremony Grounds; and, the Health Centre operates a food bank once every two weeks.

The Wanipigow School offers nursery to grade 12 and operates within the Frontier School Division. There is also an Alternative Education Program for adults offered in the community.

Jordan's Principle (Niigann Abinioojii) is active with providing health care and social services for children, especially those with complex medical and behavioural needs.

Hollow Water First Nation provides many kinship and foster homes for its community children in care. The community saw 4 newly built Shawenim Abinoojii homes this year and all are in operation thereby providing community-based placement options for children in care. Currently there are 17 active foster homes in Hollow Water, with 2 active Places of Safety (POS). There are also 6 active POS located off reserve.


  • Director of Services - Serena Marsden
  • Community Supervisor - Lorna Bjork
  • Acting Supervisor - Simone Richard
  • Direct Service Workers - Gladys Williams, Tammy Ducharme, Christopher Bushie, Garnet Sinclair, Michelle Daly, Patricia Kakegabon, Hannah Tyler, Gayle Parisien, Jessica Juredini, Karissa Ross
  • Early Intervention Worker - (Vacant)
  • Administrative Assistant - Darlene Bushie, Robin Cornell
  • Service Assistant - Valene Williams, Ilona Francis

The City Team provides services to the Hollow Water off reserve members but works closely with the on-reserve staff to ensure services that respect the community's customs and traditions are provided to the children and families.

Highlights and Activities

  • Staff alternate between working at home and being in the office due to the pandemic.
  • Staff apply the screening tool prior to attending home visits and staff wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintain social distancing.
  • Workers also conduct facetime visits with some families and children.
  • Staff have been provided with an adequate supply of PPE which is replenished as needed.
  • Families have been provided with PPE kits and food hampers.
  • Staff have encouraged families to participate with the Agency's virtual programming.
  • Contributions were made to various activities or workshops including: Mask and Moss Bag making; Black Island activities; Bingo; Selkirk Jr B. Fisherman Hockey Club; Ice Rink; Feed the Family Pizza night; and, the Akina Wabanong Noogom Committee.
  • Staff are committed to partnering with leadership or community resources to ensure there are plenty of resources, activities, or programs for the children, youth, families, and Elders.
  • Emergency food, diapers, etc., are provided for families.
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