About the Program

"Scaabe" (pronounced skaw-bay) means "helper" in Anishinaabemowin.

Southeast Child & Family Services is looking for youth from each community to learn how to be helpers around ceremony. Youth will have the opportunity to travel to their communities of origin to assist with ceremonies and events. Honorariums provided.

Participants will learn about several ceremonies and how to prepare for them. Topics include: lodge-building, fire teachings and safety, seasonal medicines, harvesting wood and grandfather rocks, wood fundaments, caring for Elders and people-healing as a helper.

The goal of this program is for youth to develop confidence, self-esteem, work ethic and leadership skills through task oriented activities and roles.

This program is open to all Southeast youth ages 15+. Youth of all genders are welcome to participate.

This program will not take place in any specific location, but youth will travel to various events, ceremonies and other related spaces and communities where their scaabe skills can be developed.

Registration Form:
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