We are excited to share that the Family Healing Wellness Lodge is open for day and overnight programming. We have an amazing team of Wellness Helpers that come with extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of healing and well-being.


  • Director/Manager - Jackie Anderson
  • Site Coordinator - Tammy Hamelin
  • Knowledge Keeper - Stephanie Daniels
  • Knowledge Keeper - Roger Greene
  • Family Wellness Helper - Christine Dumaine
  • Family Wellness Helper - Priscilla Roberts
  • Family Wellness Helper - Alicia Johnston
  • Family Wellness Helper - Yolanda Daniels
  • Family Wellness Helper - Sarah Mowat
  • Youth Activity Helper - Clarissa Bird
  • Youth Activity Helper - Kaitlyn Thordarson
  • Maintenance - Neil Skye
  • Security - Fitz Patrick Owen
  • Security - Jarvis Keeper



  • Sewing ribbon skirts and Men's shirts
  • Beading
  • Moccasin Making
  • Drum Making
  • Perogy Day
  • Bannock Day
  • Low-Cost Meal Prep
  • Making Bath Bombs
  • Land based learning
  • Tipi Teachings
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Warrior Men Gatherings
  • Couple Retreats


  • Story Time
  • Drumming circles
  • Sacred Seven Teachings
  • Tipi Making
  • Talking Sticks
  • Drum Making
  • Drum Song lessons
  • Crafts
  • Board Games
  • Safety and Personal Boundaries
  • Teaching the Language



  • Tea & Bannock Time
  • Sewing Club
  • Baking
  • Story Time Sharing with the Kids
  • Traditional Parenting
  • Building routine in your home
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Domestic Violence/Separate sessions for
  • Males and Females
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Mindfulness and Self Care
  • Creating awareness on Social Media Safety
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Mental Health
  • Sacred Seven teachings
  • Cedar Bathe
  • 5 day woman's retreat


  • Healthy Relationships
  • social media Dangers
  • Safety Tools for Urban Living (education)
  • Teen Parenting
  • Sacred Seven teachings
  • Leadership Training
  • Addictions
  • Life Skills/Resume Building
  • Mental Health/Self Care
  • Youth Land Based Camps



The wellness lodge has accommodations for families who could benefit from programming and self care activities. Adults and children would attend programming on site, have valuable family time and engage in activities provided by th


We have a four-bed nest (trailer) available for parents who need help with the kids as they tend to other matters where their kids
are not able to attend, an example of such is medical travel. Children will be taken care of by trained child minders and
completed criminal assessment and child abuse checks. Children must bring clothing and all other basic needs will be provided.


We have highly skilled Children and youth wellness helpers that can provide one on one mentorship to children in the community
who could use some positive role modeling and teachings. Hours per week will depend on the need.

Family Healing Wellness Lodge along with the LGR Resource team will be providing food bank and deliver Elders Pancake
Breakfast on Saturdays starting After the ice break up. We will also have a clothing depot set up at the same time.

e wellness helpers on site. Transportation and all meals provided.

For more information:

Jackie Anderson, Program Manager

Unite Interactive